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Regrettably, we are all seeing the headlines and the numbers on new COVID cases.  In several of our markets, for the State of Texas, for the nation, we have seen some all time highs on new diagnoses this past week.  Back in May, trends were improving.  For whatever reasons, they are now moving strongly the wrong way.

In our personal lives and our business lives, as circumstances change, the wiser move is take action and make changes as appropriate.  In line with this, effective the morning of Friday, July 3, we are again closing our lobbies.  We feel we must do what we can to help slow the spread of the virus.  In general, less face to face contact will lessen the chances of the virus spreading.  And so we will limit contact to seek to keep you and our people here a little safer.

Two things.  Note that while the doors will be locked, you can gain access by appointment.  If it is desirable and necessary for you to see any of our staff, call your local office and we will work with you to set a time to have you in.  Next, just like last time know that : Lone Star State Bank of West Texas is open for business.  All our people, all of us, are here, to take care of anything you need.  Now, lobbies are not open; but drive ins are; we want to help keep our customers healthy, and our people healthy to take care of your business.  But we are here.  Call; text; email; we will get you taken care of.

We look forward to the better days ahead.  And we look forward to the time when we can see all of you face to face.  Until then, be in touch – we will take care of your banking needs.
As a reminder, we have digital banking services to help you get most, if not all of your needs taken care of without visiting one of our branches.
►Online and Mobile Banking
Check balances, Account History, E-Statements, Transfers, External Transfers, Pay Bills, Stop Payments, Remote Deposit and Mobile Capture.  
►Telephone Banking
Check Balances, Recent Transactions, Transfers. 877-503-7717
All surcharge fees will continue to be waived on any ATM.
►Debit Cards
Please consider setting up your card with Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay to avoid touching terminals.
►Online Chat
Please utilize our online chat feature on our website to contact us. We have staff available M-F 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.
►Call Us
We are here to help and as always, just a phone call away.  877-503-7717 Option 0.
For customers that have always visited our branches on a regular basis, here is what can help you continue to have your banking needs met and can keep us all safe.
►How do I deposit a check?
Mobile Capture is available on our Personal and Business mobile apps. All customers that use the Personal App have been enabled.  Business customers, please call your branch to get this enabled if you access Business Online Banking.
►How do I cash a check?
Our Drive thru lanes will remain fully staffed to help you with these deposits.
►How do I get a cashier's check?
Our Drive thru lanes will help assist you with this.
►How do I open or close account?
Call your nearest branch and they will help you with this process.
►How do I apply for a loan?
Call your nearest branch and they will help you with this process.
►Email Fraud
If it seems too good to be true, it is probably fraud.  Don't believe that lottery awards stuff or princes from a foreign country will contact you by email.
►Fraudulent Payments
Be on guard against fraudulent checks, cashier's checks, money orders or electronic fund transfers sent with a request for you to wire back part of the money.
►Unsolicited Offers
Be wary of unsolicited offers that require you to "ACT FAST."
►Stay Up-To-Date
Make sure your device is up-to-date with the latest security updates for your operating system — Windows, Apple iOS, mobile phone OS (Apple, Android, etc).
►Warnings and Errors
Do not trust websites with certificate warnings or errors.
►Beware of Email Attachments
It's never a good idea to click on an email attachment or free software from unknown sources.  You could end up exposing your system to online fraud and theft.
►Sharing Online
Watch how much you share online.  The more you post about yourself on social networking sites, the easier it may be for someone to use that information to access your accounts, steal your identity and more. Protect your personal information by maximizing your privacy settings.
►Financial Scams
Be aware of disaster-related financial scams.  Con artists take advantage of people after catastrophic events by claiming to be from legitimate charitable organizations when, in fact, they are attempting to steal money or valuable personal information.

Additional resources about Coronavirus:
Texas Department of Banking
Centers For Disease Control

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