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Lone Star has implemented security features that can give you the peace of mind that your banking online session is secure.  In addition to your browser using a 128 bit secure SSL connection, we have multi-factor authentication methods in place that allow only you, the customer, the ability to login to your accounts and perform your online banking transactions.
  • Customers that use electronic banking to check their balances, history, and make online transfers between accounts as well as participate in online bill pay must register their computer with a security image and phrase that only displays if you are logging in from a computer system or tablet device that you have previously registered.

  • To register your devices, the system asks you to answer three different questions that only you would know about yourself so if you try to access your account from a different unregistered computer, you must answer one of your questions correctly before the system will let you login from that machine.

  • For added security, you can choose not to register that particular device for instances when you are using a public computer that many other people might use such as a hotel computer.
For our customers that utilize our higher risk activities such as ACH and wire transfer services online, we provide a security token that provides a random 8 digit code that you must have with you to login.  This token ensures that every time a user signs on to the system they must have a different password than before.

All Electronic Banking customers that login to our system from our home page will be monitored by our security analysts to ensure that nothing abnormal is occurring with your online session.  For instance, if your computer becomes compromised by a fraudster from Russia and they try to login with your credentials from a computer that you normally don’t login from, our security system will detect this activity and we will notify you and help you remedy the situation.  If we are unable to get in touch with you in a timely manner, we will suspend your access to prevent any additional intrusion into your online account.

For even greater security, every wire transfer and ACH origination transaction that is submitted online from you is reviewed by our staff.  We will check to make sure that the transaction is normal activity based on your previous transactions.  If we notice a transaction that is suspicious such as a high dollar amount or if it is involving an unusual banking account, we will stop the transaction before it is originated and will notify you as soon as possible.  In certain instances someone from our staff may call you at your place of business to confirm the transaction if we aren’t quite sure about its integrity.